Mauritius Foods Ltd History

History of Mauritius Foods


Dear Customer,

My name is Damian Mcloughlin and I’m the founder of Mauritius Foods Ltd, a family-run business which was established in 2012 based on a love for food. I have spent much of my life travelling the world and tasting food from exotic places. But, for me there is one country which is unique in its culture and tastes, and that is the small island of Mauritius located off the coast of Africa and famous for being one of the world’s most beautiful paradises, its food and the now extinct Dodo bird. After meeting my partner who is from Mauritius I was able to sample a whole spectrum of spices and different tastes with her phenomenal cooking expertise, I decided to bring a little part of this paradise back to the UK.  But … which part?

Here in the UK we are not known for our culinary endeavours and yet we produce a whole variety of fresh, healthy and organic food. The diversity of our culture has gifted us with foods from around the globe, from India to China and beyond.  However, more often than not our food can be, dare I say it, BLAND. So what could I do in order to make a difference and bring something exciting and affordable to dining tables up and down the country?

Another visit to Mauritius was required. After days of consultation with the many locals and family members, it became evident that I needed to find something that would encompass the flavours of the island and stun the British food industry. Unable to decide upon which avenue to take, I returned to Sanjay’s my brother in-laws house in Vacoas for dinner. It was chicken that night.  Slow roasted on an open wood stove in their garden. The table was, as ever, beautifully laid by his wife Fi with numerous chillies, spices and sauces – including the family chilli sauce which is unique to Mauritius – ready to flavour the food. As I began eating, generously applying all of the condiments together onto my chicken, the idea came to me. The flavours exploding in my mouth were quite incredible. This was it. This is what the British public had been waiting for, for so many years.  A chilli sauce which was quite simply second to none.

For weeks we mixed, tested, changed and modified our concoction of indigenous chillies, spices and sauces until we had designed the perfect chilli sauce. Not so hot as to burn your mouth and ruin your meal (and the rest of your evening) but spicy enough to enhance your food and bring out the flavours in a way that would leave you wanting more.  Since the biggest test for any chef is of course friends and family, upon returning to the UK I arranged a series of dinners, lunches and even breakfasts where I would invite different people and cook for them… always utilizing my newly created chilli sauce either in the ingredients, as a sauce, or even as a stand-alone dip. The response was immediate and to say the least overwhelming. Everyone loved it. They loved it on curry, on meat, on tacos, as a stand-alone dip with crisps… and yes, even on the beloved bacon sandwich in the morning.

So with a little encouragement and a lot of help from friends and family, I started to research and investigate the chilli sauce food market.  I realized early on that there was a gap in a niche market for my chilli sauce.  And now, after almost a year of investigation and innovation, that gap no longer exists.  I have been able to navigate the minefield of bringing a food product to market within the UK, all while ensuring the integrity of my product which has allowed me to remain tried and true to the unique culture and flavours of Mauritius.  And what a better way to honour the distinct nature of the island than to name by sauce after the Dodo bird.   Something so unique and famous to such a small island, that even to this day – almost 400 years after its extinction – it is held in amazement.

So without further ado, I bring you Mauritius Food’s Dodo Chilli. If you like the heat of a chilli sauce, but dislike the vinegary burning sensation, then Dodo Chilli Sauce is just for you.  Dodo Chilli Sauce is a unique take on the family chilli sauce recipe, which has been passed down from generation to generation.  Now for the first time, I wish to share this unique and amazing tasting condiment with a wider audience. You can add or blend Dodo Chilli Sauce with any type of dish or meal. It is so versatile! Go on, why don’t you give it a try? It is truly a sauce of D-Extinction!

Yours Sincerely,

Damian Mcloughlin
Director of Mauritius Foods Ltd